High Falls

Many of you have seen portraits of my brother Aaron all over my Instagram page. Aaron is a talented musician and one of my favorite people to work with. The best part of having a creative sibling is all the opportunities for creativity. We frequently collaborate, so when Aaron was in Rochester for a few days recently, I jumped on the opportunity to get out and shoot with him.

I've been itching to check out the High Falls area here in Rochester, and I'm so glad we did. This neighborhood is full of rugged architecture, interesting colors, and forgotten nooks -- all of which make awesome photo locations.

I can't wait to take more clients to High Falls to see what else the area has to offer.

I hope you are all having a great weekend! I am working hard to book portrait sessions and get all of the details organized for an upcoming wedding. I just love this time of year.

Emma Rizzo is a Rochester, NY photographer who specializes in natural light portrait photography.

Emma Rizzo // Rochester, NY Portrait Photographer