Grateful Friday - Week 1

Hi friends,

First of all, I'm sending virtual hugs to all of you. Whether you're on the front lines of all this or dealing with the daily anxiety of it all, I'm proud of you. Life isn't easy right now.

With all of the uncertainties in the world, I want to do what I can to build connections and find pockets of joy. That's why I'm starting this little gratitude project. Every Friday, I'll be posting a handful of photos that represent what I'm grateful for right now. These blog posts will be a collection of moments, imperfections, and mini celebrations.

And I want you to join me! I'll be using #GratefulFridayPhotos to build a collection of these moments. I encourage you to use this hashtag to post your own weekly highlights on your Instagram feed and stories. I'll be sure to share your photos on my stories whenever possible.

With all that said, here is my visual gratitude list for the week:

I hope you all have a restful weekend. I'll be embracing the slowness and reading a bunch. To all of you on the front lines of this pandemic, I'm sending you all the hugs and strength and extra gratitude. And to all of you staying home, thank you for doing so.

Love you all! I can't wait to see your Grateful Friday posts.

Emma Rizzo // Rochester, NY Portrait Photographer