Grateful Friday - Week 3

Hi loves!

I hope everyone is staying well and hanging in there. Personally, this week has felt a bit strange. I've been sticking to lighthearted roundups for these Friday posts, but that's just not feeling right today. Maybe I need to get more expressive with these.

I think the reality of all this is starting to set in. I'm naturally more introverted and tend to enjoy my own company, but I really miss my friends and family. Not seeing your full support system in person can be tough.

But all of those feeling of lacking are forcing me to look inward. I've been reading old journals, writing out my thoughts, painting, dancing, making lists, and watching anything and everything nostalgic. I took a full day off today to mostly do nothing.

And I stopped by the studio to have fun with some portraits.

This week, I'm grateful for my inner strength, this mask I made out of a t-shirt, and the ability to make art in the chaos.

All of this is a lot moodier than this blog usually is. But whatever. This is me.

I love you all. <3 See you soon.

Emma Rizzo // Rochester, NY Portrait Photographer