What Should You Wear to Your Headshot Session?

A professional headshot allows you to give the best possible first impression. No matter your career or industry, this snap shows off your personality and is a critical part of your personal brand. I love working as a headshot photographer because it gives me the opportunity to convert your unique spirit into a single image. It's a process that I truly cherish. And as I prepare to work with clients, I hear one common question:

"What should I wear?"

While I encourage my clients to wear whatever makes them feel like their most fabulous selves, there are some wardrobe tricks to help you look your best. As you rummage through your closet before your session, consider the following tips.

Choose Classic Black

When in doubt, wear black. A simple black top or dress is flattering on everyone, complimenting all skin tones and eye colors. This color also applies to various professional situations, so you can use your headshot on your LinkedIn and artist bio. If you are planning to wear another color, you might consider tossing a black top along with you.

Add a Jacket

A jacket is a magical piece of clothing. It can dress up a photo or dress it down. It can add depth to the image and give your headshot more personality. While it's best not to overdo it, a simple material like denim can be a great addition to your set of portraits. During your session, we will be sure to get some photos with the jacket on and others with it off.

Layer a Pop of Color

If you want to keep your headshot professional, yet also warm and inviting, I encourage you to bring a pop of color. This can include a scarf, colorful necklace, jacket, or a pair of earrings. This simple touch can completely transform the feel of the photo and make it unique to you. I often tell teachers, social workers, and counselors to use this trick. It gives the portrait a trustworthy tone.

Suit Up

While I love to have fun during headshot sessions, sometimes you will need to keep it formal with your clothing. Do some research before your session to determine what is expected in your industry. If you work in business, law, administration, government, or real estate, you might need to wear a suit jacket or tie. However, this doesn't mean that the photo needs to be generic. Select a color or accent that will help you stand out.

Keep Accessories Simple

Necklaces, bracelets, earrings -- I love a good accessory. However, you don't want your jewels to overpower your face in your headshot. One or two accessories is generally ideal. Avoid too much sparkle, shine, and beading. Your smile will be bright enough to compensate.

Opt For a Simple Print

Some photographers will tell you to avoid prints altogether, but I disagree. Prints are the perfect way to add texture and personality. However, be sure to keep it simple. Patterns like florals and stripes are fun but not overpowering. If you are considering a print but aren't sure if it's right for your portraits, don't hesitate to ask me. We can work together to find the right way to incorporate a pattern.

Stick to a Bold Color

While I am an advocate for a simple black shirt, I also encourage clients to wear colors. When choosing the right color for your headshot, there are some factors to consider. Be sure that the shade compliments your skin tone. Another trick is to wear a color that makes your eyes pop. However, it's generally best to commit to one color. Wearing a multicolored outfit can make the images too busy.

As your session approaches, remember that I am here to help you choose your outfit. Don't hesitate to send me a message if you aren't sure what to wear. By putting thought into your look, you can take the first step in creating a portrait that represents your true self. Then I will take care of the rest.

Emma Rizzo // Rochester, NY Portrait Photographer